Clashes between “Baz Pilat” and Grand-Ravine gangs recently left at least six people dead, Le Nouvellistehas learned from several sources. The chief prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, Jacques Lafontant, said that “two individuals were killed” in connection with clashes at the southern end of the Haitian capital.

The Haitian National Police spokesperson, Michel Ange Louis-Jeune, said that the police are still investigating the incidents and will released the information as they have it. But he too has heard of the incidents.

Le Nouvelliste, meanwhile, has seen clips from videos circulating on social media. In one of these videos, we see the body of a man presented as a “Baz Pilat” policeman killed somewhere at 4th avenue Bolosse by some people brandishing assault rifles and pistols, calling themselves as the “timoun” (foals) of Izo, 5 seconds long, gang leaders in Village-de-Dieu having formed alliances with other warlords of Grand-Ravine.

The victim, a man in his thirties, was beheaded and dismembered. 

“They think they are criminals. There is worse among the criminals, “spits one of them, acid towards” Baz Pilat “. The tracking shot of the horror is mastered. The staging, the fields, even small, allow you to see the cheap sandals of these young people, to listen to voices that left puberty just yesterday.

In another video, the body of a man presented “as a thief of the ravine” lies in the dust. Decapitated, his sliced ​​genitalia is pressed into his mouth. His liver is in front of his face and the rest of his body is in the background with his viscera in the air. “What you did to Big is nothing. We are going to give this body to our dogs ”, intone two voices, those of two men, who act to avenge“ Big ”. Continue reading.

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