The Port-au-Prince metropolitan region has faced a drastic rationing of electricity lately. In some areas, people are only allowed a few hours of power every two or three days, and in some cases the blackout has been going on for a week non-stop.

On Radio Magik 9, Wednesday morning, the director general of Electricity of Haiti, Hervé Pierre-Louis, said that the lack of electricity was due to a technical problem.

“We have been facing a technical problem of various kinds since last week. But we have managed to solve the problems since yesterday – Tuesday, ”said Mr. Pierre-Louis, who wanted to reassure the company’s subscribers.

The biggest problem with ED’H remains its inability to have the equity to maintain the engines, Pierre Louis, said. Because motors are not maintained or are not maintained on time, they do not produce the amount of megawatts required in normal times. This is the case, for example, of the Carrefour power station, said the director general of ED’H which calls into question the clandestine catch and unpaid invoices which, according to him, constitute a shortfall for the company which works at a loss.

“Each time ED’H spends 100 gourdes to produce electricity, it manages to collect 40 gourdes,” lamented the general manager of the company.

But besides that, there is, according to Pierre Louis, there is another structural problem affecting the network and the technology used.

“There is no way to get more electricity from the grid that we are currently using. This network is outdated, “he noted. With a production that varies between 65 and 75 megawatts, the ED’H can only supply between six hours and seven hours of electric current per day, per circuit. Continue reading.

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