At the top of Boutilliers and all along the morneL’Hôpital, clouds harboring a small remnant of rain slide slowly, on Monday, May 4, 2020. Port-au-Prince, barely awake and still enveloped by an ash-gray sky, discover the consequences of the storm from the previous evening. Feet in the water, a young man, bearded and disheveled, sweats like an ox.

Under the gaze of a milk-haired lady, he cleans the front of a house opposite the St-Louis Roi de France church in Turgeau. Over dozens of meters, between the Natcom headquarters and all around the beautiful La Pléiade bookstore, a “muddy sauce” spreads out, consolidated by alluvium drained by the waters furious from the great rain of the previous day.

In other places, in Bois-Verna and in the streets which cross this artery as at the avenue de la République, the garbage and the products of excavations having sprinkled from the rare sewers extend in sea of ​​refuse and mud . Opposite and at the entrance to the presidential palace, the spectacle is the same. Our rubbish is at the door of houses and administrations.

The chronicle of these rain falls has been written elsewhere, in Juvenat, in coastal areas, such as Martissant, at Rita crossroads, at the Cul-de-Sac plain … The rainy season, at its beginning, strikes hard. 

To free up the roadway, the Public Works departments make up between employees’ goodwill, standing since 4 am and a glaring lack of heavy equipment. To intervene, only one loader was available, says the Minister of TPTC, Ing. Joacéus Nader.

The Minister, long responsible for the SEEUR, real arm of the TPTC for the metropolitan area, shoots an arrow against members of the population who have burnt TPTC equipment. Without a filter, he puts his finger on the irresponsibilities of those who build in an anarchic way, town halls which turn a blind eye when it comes to enforcing building rules. Anarchy is paid for in cash. Relaxations too. The situation is getting complicated. Alluvium obstructs stormwater drainage channels on the coast, deplores the minister of TPTC in the morning of Magik 9 (100.9 fm). Continue reading.

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