Since the government took control of the Sogener last year, the electricity company known as Ed’H, has struggled to provide electricity to the metropolitan area. 

The situation has deteriorated completely in recent weeks. The city was plunged into darkness for days in a row in certain districts. President Jovenel Moise, in his speech on May 1 on the occasion of the Agriculture and Labor Day, said that the company was beingboycotted  and reiterated his promise to give the electric current 24/7 across Haiti. This time,  Moïsewas careful not to give a date when his promise will become reality.

The 24-month time frame he had given himself had expired months ago.

Without giving details, President Moïse welcomed the decision of the Minister of Public Works to put more control over the distribution of electric current in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince. According to the head of state, it is not normal that areas of the metropolitan area have no electricity for five to six days.

According to Moïse, with the 75 megawatts currently available, the Ed’H should be able to supply a minimum of electricity to all 45 circuits. Since this has not been done, the president evokes a boycott of Haiti’s electricity. For the tenant of the National Palace, there are people who have sworn to see the country sunk deeper in blackout. “Nou konprann, nou konprann klè, nou se gran moun sove …”, he said. Or “We understand, we understand clearly, we are adults.” Continue reading.

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