Hundreds of Haitians who lived in the Dominican Republic cross the Belladère border crossing every day toward Haiti. While the coronavirus rages in the neighboring country, these compatriots, out of work, are forced to return home. Some have returned home voluntarily and others have been deported by Dominican immigration. 

At this border crossing, where the binational market has been idling since the start of the crisis, the influx of migrants has been a boon for motorcyclists, forex traders, merchants of food, SIM cards, telephone accessories, etc. .

The latter, always on the lookout, find, each in their own way, an economic activity, a business opportunity in the massive arrival of travelers. Even if it means ignoring health requirements.

These returnees, torn by the anxiety of the landing and the desire to find their relatives, must make a first stop at the forex traders. They try to get out of the checkpoint erected by the Zanmi Lasante Foundation, and watch for the arrival of each traveler. In two steps three movements they manage to convince customers to convert their currencies. Without any concern to protect themselves from the coronavirus which has already killed 293 people in the Dominican Republic. Read more.

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