A reporter for Radio Television Caribbean, Georges Allen was beaten and arrested by a police patrol for allegedly violating a government imposed curfew.

The incident occurred not far from the University Hospital La Paix, in Delmas 33, while Allen, the host of the show “The Guest of the South and co-presenter of the newspaper 19/20” was on his way home. 

At Delmas 33, the police ordered him to stop his vehicle and issued him a ticket claiming that he had violated the “curfew”. This is despite the fact that the colleague took care to present the authorization issued to members of the press by the Ministry of Culture and Communication during this state of health emergency.

Overheated exchanges followed. Unprovoked, the police officer struck the journalist several times.

 Allen tried to get a tire iron from the trunk of his car to defend himself, but he was arrested immediately. He was taken to the Delmas 33 police station, despite the insistence of the former Minister of Culture and Communication, Guyler C Delva, before being released less than an hour later at the behest of RTVC CEO, Patrick Moussignac. Read more.  https://www.juno7.ht/secteurscondamnent-brutalitespolicieres-georges-allen/

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