In Delmas, and Miragoâne, residents are categorically against opening of health care centers for people infected with coronavirus. 

The managers of the Bernard Mevs hospital had to back down when all the equipment necessary for the care center is available …

This new Covid-19 care center was to have 20 beds and be equipped with respirators, among otherequipment. 

Obviously ill-informed of the mode of transmission of Covid-19, the residents of Village Solidarité fear that the establishment in their neighborhood of a coronavirus treatment center is a means of spreading the virus in the region. They therefore protested and demanded that the project be stopped.

“People are especially concerned that by going to the hospital and its surroundings they will be infected with the Coronavirus. They are not well informed about the modes of transmission of the virus. We are not all against the development of the center in the area, but the voice of those who have taken to the streets and threatened the hospital has much more echo… “, a resident told the Nouvelliste.

According to hospital administrator Bernard Mevs, hospital officials had met with organized groups from Village Solidarité. During this meeting.

“They expressed their concerns about the center for caring for people infected with Covid-19. The Bitarbrothers who run the hospital have decided to stop the program, “Magik 9 Katleen Sejour said on radio, saying hospital officials do not intend to clash with residents of the area. Continue reading.

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