“If there are no great difficulties, this equipment will arrive between May 1 and May 15,” President JovenelMoses said on Monday in an address to the nation.

This order of more than 30 containers of equipment placed in China for two billion gourdes or 19.2 million US dollars, includes hospital beds, respirators, gowns, masks and gloves. If the president is to be believed, transportation should cost the Haitian state 900 million gourdes ($ 8.6 million).

 Moïse also denounced the ill-treatment suffered by compatriots infected with the Coronavirus by their peers. This kind of attitude is not worthy of the Haitian people, a nation known for its solidarity, said the President of the Republic who asked the judicial authorities to crack down on all those who take malicious pleasure in attacking the sick. Continue reading.  https://www.juno7.ht/jovenel-moise-la-commande-des-equipements-medicaux/

Samuel Louis is a young Haitian student that loves to write and learn. He’s passionate about people and culture and finds comfort in knowledge. As a writer for Haitian Times, he looks forward to opening his horizons about journalism, while doing what he loves.

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