Even without the coronavirus, the Haitian economy would still be moribund”, this comment by economist Etzer Emile thunders with all the disaster scenarios that one can imagine on Haiti if the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in the country as predicted authorities for some time. Beyond the health crisis, an acute economic crisis is looming on the horizon. Because “the Haitian economy had already collapsed before the crisis caused by the coronavirus. “

“The pandemic is exacerbating a fairly worrying situation that we had in the country. Today the State’s revenue, especially at customs level, is affected. The price of inflation also accelerated. Fewer foreign exchange flows in the economy because of the decline in transfers from the diaspora and because of the scarcity of basic products on the market due to the drop in imports, “said Etzer Emile in an interview with Juno7.

The disaster will also be humanitarian in the coming days, warns Mr. Emile. Because long before the coronavirus the United Nations fund for agriculture had predicted that 4.1 million people were going to be hit by food insecurity from March. Now, with the presence of covid-19 disease in the country, the situation could worsen, especially when we consider that the state does not have the money to respond appropriately to the crisis because it was already experiencing a situation of budget deficit. If we take the example of the Dominican Republic, the state only has 600 million US dollars for allocations

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