In an exclusive interview with Juno7, the Haitian-American singer of international renown, Wyclef Jean, talk about why he kept his distance from Haiti, despite his love for his homeland. For him, at 50, a new chapter begins in his life. And despite the relatives he has already lost due to the coronavirus pandemic, he is fully on his plans.

Jean urged all those who have so far displayed mistrust of the authorities’ announcements on the coronavirus or who want there to be deaths to believe that the disease exists, to take precautions. “The pandemic is very serious and the virus is killing. It is important to protect yourself by washing your hands and observing social distance on the streets. My drummer Don Juan lost his mother three days after his father died. My wife lost an uncle, my business manager’s sister is dead and I had an uncle who passed from life to death, “said the star.

Jean also has a touch of regret for his misadventure in politics. The famous singer claims that he has never seen himself in politics or even candidate for the presidency. But driven by the intention of helping people and engaging in social activities, he took this step in his life. Compared to the situation of insecurity which has reigned for several months in popular neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, he affirms if the Yélé Ayiti Movement was still present, the situation would be different. “I care about you but I have to be careful. I also salute the Haitian selection for its good results. We will always walk together. Fas a Fas, Men nan Men, “he sighed to address the population.

The world famous singer also says he is ready to lend his support to the population facing this health crisis. “I always keep the same love, the same love for you. If Toussaint or Dessalines have already fought for you I must continue to do it too for the young people of this country. I had suffered a lot for my country. I want to do things differently because I have matured through my experiences, “said the musician. Continue reading.

Samuel Louis is a young Haitian student that loves to write and learn. He’s passionate about people and culture and finds comfort in knowledge. As a writer for Haitian Times, he looks forward to opening his horizons about journalism, while doing what he loves.

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