Businessman explains difference in the price of rice between Haiti and other Caribbean nations

In one of his rare interviews in the press, Eddy Deeb, of the Deka Group (Bongù and other brands), the first importer and largest tax payer among Haitian companies, clarified by political leader made by Rosny Desroches regarding the price of rice in Haiti.

“After the coronavirus things must change in Haiti”, Desroches said: “Jamaica applies a 25% tax on rice imports. Haiti applies a 3% tax on rice. But rice is sold more expensive in Haiti compared to Jamaica ”.

Deeb said, “Rosny Desroches wants to assert himself as a business analyst without verifying his data.”

In his reaction to Le Nouvelliste and Magik 9, the businessman clarified that the price difference between Haiti and Jamaica stems from the fact that: “Jamaica does not buy the American rice that the Haitian consumer demands. It imports from Guyana and Suriname a lower quality, cheaper rice. In addition, these two countries are associate members of Caricom and their rice does not pay customs duties ”.

“The 25% of customs duties on rice in Jamaica have been introduced as Caricom protection,” insists the importer. Continue reading.

Samuel Louis is a young Haitian student that loves to write and learn. He’s passionate about people and culture and finds comfort in knowledge. As a writer for Haitian Times, he looks forward to opening his horizons about journalism, while doing what he loves.

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