Politician and vodou priestess, Annette Auguste better known by the nickname “Sò Anne” died on the night of Thursday to Friday April 17 in a metropolitan area hospital in Port-au-Prince. The cause of death was breast cancer after a long battle with the disease, according to family member Adelson Lorgeat, who told Juno7.

Sophia Samedy, her granddaughter who lived with her, said that her grandmother had five children, two died, she had Donald Auguste, Reginald Auguste and Henry Robert Auguste. They all live abroad.

Throughout her life, Annette was a woman of conviction who campaigned for certain very just causes.

Before returning to Haiti in 1994, Augustin, one of the founding members of the political organization Fanmi Lavalas with former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, organized marches in New York to defend the rights of Haitians in the States -United. She defended in particular the right not to associate Haiti with HIV and AIDS disease. After a fall out with the Lavalas Party, she joined PHTK and ran as a Senate candidate for the West Department under the banner of the PHTK party in 2015. Continue reading.


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