Le Nouvelliste writes that whatever the outcome of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy will pay a heavy price. At the global level as in Haiti. If optimists still hope that the cost of mowing lives will be as low as possible in Haiti, it is obvious that the economic consequences will be disastrous in all cases. They already weigh on daily life in the country even if the number of deaths officially recorded is three and the patients do not exceed fifty. Officially. Continue reading https://lenouvelliste.com/article/214974/de-largent-de-largent-frais-des-idees-des-idees-neuves-pour-haiti

Coronavirus can be an opportunity for Haiti’s health system
In an editorial, Le Nouvelliste writes that what scares the Haitian population the most in the current context is not the coronavirus itself, but the vulnerability of our health system which must take care of people with the disease. A heavy responsibility for a healthcare system that suffers from all ills. The country has less than 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus, everything is going well so far. However, each of us is praying that the worst will not happen. We are right when we see how the Covid-19 brings the best health systems in the world to their knees. Our fear and anxiety in the face of the pandemic are justified. Continue reading.

Covid19 – Mon Cash: no transfer has yet been made to Digicel accounts in Haiti

According to Juno7, contrary to the information circulating on social networks, no payment was made to the bank account of the mobile phone company Digicel whose “Mon Cash” service was chosen for the money transfers promised by Haitian government officials  to the most vulnerable, as part of its Covid-19 assistance programs. Read more.

Haiti releases 108 prisoners under state of emergency
The head of the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office, Jacques Lafontant, said that 108 detainees have been released under the special provisions linked to the corona virus crisis. He assures that no bandit accused of involvement in crimes, murders, kidnappings and rapes have been released.
He said that heads of human rights organizations including the POHDH and the Office of the Citizen Protector (OPC) had taken part in the process, according to Radio Metropole. Read more.http://www.metropolehaiti.com/metropole/full_une_fr.php?id=33532

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