The Haitian Music Industry (HMI) is seeing an extraordinary female star excel. Stylish, passionate about her profession, persevering, Rutshelle Guillaume has finally established herself as one of the most remarkable talents of her generation.

Over time, social media has become the space where it attracts the most fans. She just broke a record on Instagram with over a million followers. A great first for a star evolving in Haiti.

Contacted by the editorial staff of Juno7, the prodigal child of the love compass did not hide his joy.

“As the first artist living in Haiti, I feel all the happiness in the world at this feat. I thank God and my fans because without them it would not have been possible, “she said.

This success, let’s face it, came with the publication of his latest video clip called “Rete la”. In this short film, our diva reveals her sexiest and most cute profile. Today a millionaire on Instagram, hats off Rutshelle.

On twitter, the economist Marc Alain Boucicault, CEO of Banj, reacted after this exploit of the Haitian star on Instagram. Here is the French translation of an extract from her tweet: “When I met Rutshelle a long time ago, she was only a young woman of my age full of passion! The next rising star may be next to you ”. Read more

Covid-19: Haiti’s hospitals mobilized to contribute to patient care

Faced with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, private hospitals do not intend to shirk their responsibilities, assured the president of the Association of private hospitals of Haiti, Dr. Franck Généus. Twenty private health establishments are currently studying the possibility of taking part in the authorities’ efforts to provide care for patients contaminated with Covid-19. Read more

Haitian PM Joseph Jouthe creates confusion

Incredible but true! The head of government admits to being in contact with the caïds of Village de Dieu gangs while the Minister of Justice, Lucmane Delille breaks his head to manage to track them down. The head of government made the revelation at a press conference on Wednesday at his official residence in Musseau.

These daily conversations have no other objective other than to promote an effective surrender of arms and a real return to peace in this suburb south of Port-au-Prince, if the chief of the CSPN is to be believed.

The Prime Minister, who is at the same time the president of the Superior Council of the National Police, also stressed that he had already made the bridge between the National Commission for Disarmament, Dismantling and Reintegration, and the gang leaders mentioned above. Continue reading

Requiem for a lost smile

Already he has the smiles that we can’t see anymore. That we may not see anymore. Sophisticated and handcrafted masks cover them. We guess teeth, worried grin, regrets too. We were projected, without transition, in a time where faces became entangled, pushing the world and its diversities – so glorified at the beginning of the century – in a strange territory of neutrality where the smell, the touch, the taste are restrained . read more

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