FIFA Chief Legal Officer Emilio García Silvero has  stated that contracts expiring on the 30th June will not be extended when speaking to the TV show Playtime according to a report in Italian media outlet PassioneInter.

“On the 1st July, the transfer market will not open. Contracts expiring on the 30th June cannot be extended. The players on loan will return to their teams but will not be able to take to the pitch.”

He then detailed how players will not be able to play when they return to their clubs, despite being forced to return.

“FIFA cannot extend contracts beyond the 30th June, but the transfer windows will not be the same as before and therefore players cannot be registered. The players on loan will return to the teams that hold the transfer cards, but they will still not be able to take to the pitch as the market will be closed.”

Finally, García Silvero discussed one potential idea regarding future transfer windows.

“There could be more market windows. It will depend on the beginning and the end of each competition. The idea is that the windows will end just before the start of each league and will not have to coincide.”

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