Serie A has started discussions over scrapping VAR for the remainder of the season, as a measure to protect the match officials’ health and safety.

The Corriere dello Sport reports that the Lega envisages special rules for the protection of the health of refereeing teams, in the event of a return to the pitch.

First on the list, is to address the issue AIA President Marcello Nicchi pointed out regarding travel arrangements in his interview with TMW Radio.

The match officials usually travel with commercial flights and trains to reach their respective destinations and are without a carrier specifically sanitised for their trips across Italy.

But Nicchi also wanted to discuss the use of VAR. The newspaper has revealed that Serie A is prepared to scrap the technological aid, because it involves too many technicians and referees in only a few square metres of space – meaning that the season could resume without the Video Assistant Referee in use.

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