Several trade union organizations in Haiti denounce the bad conditions in which the existing government forced workers to take over work in factories during the global health crisis. No adjustments have been made, regarding the distance of 1.50 meters (5 feet), to be observed between the sewing machines and between the tables at the cafeterias, said Dominique Saint-Éloi, general coordinator of the Cnoha. AlterPresse

gasoline prices decline in Haiti

The President of the Haitian Senate, Pierre François Syldor, revealed that discussions are underway within the government with a view to lowering gasoline prices at the pump. Without providing details, Syldor argued that the announcement is imminent. He noted that prices for petroleum products have dropped 50% in recent months. In addition, the Anti-Corruption Union Brigade urges the authorities to review the prices of petroleum products. They believe that the drop in gasoline prices will cause the prices of basic necessities to fall. Metropole Haiti

Haitian police  arrest seven alleged kidnappers in March

The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) arrested seven alleged kidnappers during the month of March and released the names of those arrested April 7. After an investigation by the DCPJ’s Cell against kidnapping, the deputy spokesperson said that the alleged kidnappers are part of the gang operating in Village de Dieu where the vast majority of the victims have been kidnapped. They have already carried out kidnappings in several districts of the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince including Delmas 33, Delmas 31, Santo 15, avenue Christophe and Christ-roi. Juno 7

Haitian civil society groups call for Coronavirus compliance

The MICT and Religion for Peace call on citizens to respect the provisions of the decree proclaiming a state of health emergency. To counter the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the Minister of the Interior and of local and regional authorities and representatives of Religion for Peace including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Protestant sector and Vodouisants have jointly worked together to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Juno 7

Haitian poet in the running for a literary prize in Africa

The publishing house Guekourougo Nobert Kone in Côte d’Ivoire awards the “book of the year” prize every year for the novel, short story and poetry categories. Guten Rachad Jean-Baptiste was shortlisted for the poetry category for his book “Mandoline du silence.” The 32-year-old poet from the commune of Verrettes (Artibonite department) is the only Haitian name to appear on the list. According to him, his collection “Mandoline du silence,” which is about fifty pages long, is a demand for a return to the mother source, his bloody Africa. Three winners will be selected in May. The prize, which is reserved exclusively for GNK authors, aims to promote the book and also its author. Loop Haiti

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