When dozens or hundreds of people apply for your dream job, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Personal charm comes in handy a little later than submitting a CV. So it is imperative to present yourself properly and, most importantly, vividly.

Some people, despite great experience and skills, turn a resume to just a simple list that never gets the employer’s attention. That’s why resume writing services are really popular nowadays, and starting your own may be a good business idea.

Note that you do not necessarily need to be an experienced author working in the field for years. For sure, strong communication and writing skills are of great importance.

If you consider helping people find the jobs of their dreams, find a step-by-step guide to starting your resume writing service.

Choose Your Field

If you have expertise in a certain industry, it’s better to start where you already know the market. Probably, you have special interests, such as working with people who are just entering the workforce or employees who want to change their occupation.

Take into account students who are just graduating. This is a large and audience that makes many businesses prosper. 

This fact is supported by evidence – many great academic writing platforms like https://essaypro.com/college-essay-writing-service.html are increasingly popular. So, do not be afraid to start your business. Launched wisely, it will definitely have the demand. 

Investigate the Competition

Find out all about the resume writing services – it is your field now. Pay attention to what the competitors offer, their pricing, target audience, experience, and reputation. 

All this knowledge will help develop your business in the right direction and stand out on the market.

Evaluate Possible Risks

Before start working, you need to find out what risks you may face and define the ways to overcome them. Some of the possible points to review include: 

  • The rapid growth of competition;
  • Difficulties finding clients at the beginning;
  • Fluctuations in demand.

Also, be ready that due to the lack of experience and business reputation, at first, it will be tough for the unknown platform to find orders. 

That’s why, at the initial stage, the main effort should be directed at promoting and finding customers

Devise a Price List

Firstly, you need to define what services will be provided. Except for writing resumes, consider also providing job seekers with full support in their job application processes. 

You can help them with writing cover letters and follow-ups. 

Come Up With the Name

The name of your resume writing service should be catchy and memorable. It’s a very important component in the successful promoting of your company on the market. 

The name will influence how customers will perceive you, whether they will remember you, and whether the brand will become recognizable. 

Register Your Business

Check with local and state authorities for the requirements to register your service. Also, on this step, it’s necessary to develop your business and marketing plans. 

The other important part is gathering a team of professionals.


There are many ways to promote your service. Let’s review the most popular ones: 

  • Contextual advertising. Here you should look for suitable content; you can contact bloggers in your field who are ready to cooperate;
  • Advertising in social networks. To find the clients you need to work out your strategy before placing an advertisement via any channel;
  • E-mail campaigns. This way of promotion is perfect for writing services as you can hook potential customers with a word. Be sure that there will be a lot of responses to high-quality content.

Wrapping Up

Creating your resume writing service is a promising and profitable business that you can enter with minimal investment. Many startups eventually acquire a big name, open offline companies, and start working with clients through personal contacts. 

Be sure that with the right organization of activity, you will certainly achieve success.

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