Jovenel Moïse creates committee to combat Covid-19

With the mission of ensuring strategic planning and coordination of resources from non-governmental organizations and the private business sector, President Jovenel Moïse appointed a multisectoral commission to manage the pandemic of Covid-19 on Monday. Dr. Jean William Pape, who co-chairs the three-person commission, called on the population to unite to face the pandemic, stressing that no one will come to help the country. Le Nouvelliste 

Haiti takes drastic measures to enforce social distancing

The Haitian government intends to reinforce the state of emergency in order to prevent a strong spread of the coronavirus. Interior Minister Audain Bernardel announced drastic measures to force Haitians not to organize rallies. He warns that offenders may be apprehended by the police in order to preserve the collective interest of the country. The Minister of the Interior had a working session with the leaders of the organization Religions for Peace on Tuesday in order to sensitize believers and practitioners on the need to avoid gatherings especially during Easter. Metropole Haiti

Poor internet connection an obstacle to distance learning in Haiti

In Haiti, there are not enough professional resources and a broadband Internet connection to really offer distance learning sessions, says Samuel Pierre, chairman of the board of directors of the Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (Isteah). “The only realistic way to achieve this is to use highly qualified teachers in different other countries to help us carry out this project and build up a well-formed critical mass,” he said, referring to the difficulties faced by Isteah in offering high-level programs to its students. AlterPresse

Nesmy Manigat proposes automatic transition and reforms in education
The position of Nesmy Manigat, former Minister of National Education is unequivocal: “it is impossible at this phase to save the school year.” The majority of students have already lost about three months of schooling between September and December 2019, because of political events linked to the “country lock.” For school directors, teachers and parents alike, saving the school year seems titanic given the low level of the general preparation and the quality of the infrastructure. He opted for an automatic pass, without repeating for all children in the basic and secondary with a catch-up of failures during the next school year. Juno 7

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