24 total cases of Covid-19 in Haiti to date

24 total cases of coronavirus have been identified in Haiti according to a report by the Haitian authorities with three new cases being identified on Monday. The Minister of Health, Marie Gretta Roy Clément, urges citizens to respect the principles of hygiene in order to protect themselves against the coronavirus. The first death was recorded yesterday where a 55-year-old man with diabetes and high blood pressure passed away from coronavirus. Metropole Haiti

Senator Wilot Joseph calls on people to protect themselves from coronavirus

Faced with the vulnerability of the Haitian population compared to Covid-19, Senator Willot Joseph encourages Haitians to protect themselves from coronavirus. The senator took the opportunity to question the restrictions imposed on the population by the authorities. Men and women who, according to him, have done nothing to strengthen the Haitian health system, revive the local economy among others. “Asking people to stay at home requires support measures beforehand. What are we going to do to allow people to survive by staying at home,“ he said. Juno 7

Dozens of Haitian migrants forced to leave the Dominican Republic due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in neighboring Haiti has forced dozens of Haitian migrants to return to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, according to the platform Support Group for Returnees and Refugees (Garr). “Despite the closure of the border between the two countries, people are hurrying, queuing in front of the portals, without, sometimes, ignoring the instructions to prevent contamination and spread of the virus on Haitian territory,” they said. AlterPresse

48% of Haitians are using public spaces, says Google

Google, through its geolocation platform “Google Maps” has found that 48% of Haitians have less frequently gone to public spaces less since the announcement of containment measures. The information was relayed April 5 by the site covid19haïti.com, initiated by the digital specialist Jean Marie Altéma. In Haiti, Google indicates that the drop in attendance at restaurants, shopping centers, cafes is 34% while travel to food stores and pharmacies fell 31%. Beaches and public places show a 19% drop in attendance. Loop Haiti

Women, the first victims of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti

“Women are the first victims of the consequences of Covid-19 (the new coronavirus), not only as individuals, but as healthcare personnel,” said the holder of the Ministry for the Status of Women and Women’s Rights (Mcfdf), Marie Ghislaine Mompremier, at a press conference on April 3. On the occasion of the national day of the Haitian women’s movement in memory of the great march of demands, in favor of women’s rights on Thursday, April 3, 1986, Mompremier invited the population to bring their solidarity to women, especially those who are pregnant or have just given birth, in the context of a global health crisis. AlterPresse

MonCash increases the limit of all its mini-wallets

Good news for MonCash users. Instead of the usual 7,500 gourdes users normally receive, they can now receive up to 10,000 gourdes on their account which is 33% more than the initial value. This provision, taken following a decision by the Bank of Republic of Haiti (BRH), means that: “users of mini wallets will be able to keep more money in their MonCash wallets and carry out many more transactions,” said the team management of this service. The change came into effect automatically from April 3 and customers will be able to enjoy it “until June 30.” Loop Haiti

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