a makeshift water fountain urging people to wash their hands in Haiti

First death linked to Covid-19 in Haiti

Haiti has officially registered its first death caused by the Coronavirus on Sunday. A well-known lawyer in his 50s who was a member of the Port-au-Prince bar died Saturday night in a hospital in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince. The lawyer, whose name has been withheld, suffered from hypertension. Juno 7

Masks, thermometers, rice, cash and advice, Taiwan helps Haiti

In order to help Haiti cope with the spread of the coronavirus, Taiwan announced Friday it will send Haiti a batch of material containing 280,000 masks, seven thermal cameras, a batch of thermometers and the sum of $50,000 intended to support the ministry of Public Health and two donations of rice worth $2 million U.S. dollars. Le Nouvelliste 

Haitian Radio host arrested due to controversial Coronavirus statement

Radio host Louco Désir was arrested on April 3rd by the Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office after urging people not to wear protective masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Désir declared during a broadcast on Éclair radio / TV that the coronavirus is not present in the country and invited the population to freely go about its activities. Juno 7

Artist Jean Jean Roosevelt arrested then released following an altercation involving police over vehicle

National police officers, assigned to the police station of “Marché Salomon” in Port-au-Prince, carried out the muscular arrest of the artist Jean Jean Roosevelt following an altercation concerning a case of parking his vehicle. Believing that Roosevelt had improperly parked his vehicle, the national police arresting officers confiscated his driving license without giving him a ticket. Protesters demanded the immediate release of the artist. AlterPresse

Haiti has 31 ‘endemic’ bird species, including ‘10 threatened’

Haiti is home to no less than 31 endemic bird species, according to researcher Jean Mary Exantus. Ten of them are “threatened” and four “almost threatened.” In question, “the degradation and fragmentation of habitat due to rapid urbanization, the harvesting of wood (construction and fuel) and unregulated agriculture.” Loop Haiti

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