The president of the National Federation of Mayors, Jude Édouard Pierre is urging the government to designate the permanent secretariat for risk and disaster management (SPGRD) and the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) responsible for managing the coronavirus crisis. The Ministry of Public Health will also be involved in the general coordination for the management of the health aspect, Pierre said.. He insisted on the need to address the various economic, humanitarian and social aspects of the crisis. Metropole Haiti

Inmate died in Haiti’s national penitentiary following asthma attack

Inmate Benose Edouard, according to officials, was a sickly prisoner. Since May 2015, he had been attending the clinic to receive care. Also according to officials, he was asthmatic, had tuberculosis, and was suffering from beriberi. Certain times, his health improves to relapse thereafter. On early Wednesday morning, he succumbed to an asthmatic attack which manifested itself by suffocation. His cellmates at Brick 10 level were in a panic, alarmed believing that their comrade had been a victim of Covid-19, according to the RNDDH report. Juno 7

Milot’s Sacré-Coeur hospital ready to welcome covid-19 patients

The officials of the Sacré Coeur hospital in Milot organized on March 30, a guided tour around the state of progress of the measures preparatory to the care of Covid-19 patients. “The hospital is practically split in two to preserve the provision of other care,” said executive director Dr. Harold Prévil. An entrance, with the same provisions, is reserved for the isolation of patients with Covid-19 while the triage room and that of hospitalization in isolation now have a capacity of 24 uncomplicated patients and 10 patients in critical conditions. Le Nouvelliste

A concert of casseroles to be held April 2nd to demand better government provisions

Several organizations announced a concert of saucepans on April 2nd, to call on the government to make better arrangements, to protect the population from the Covid-19 pandemic. “In public places, in prisons, in police stations, in all neighborhoods, gather in groups of five (5), while keeping a distance of 2 meters, to strike pots, plates, pieces of iron. Parish leaders are called to ring church bells,” encouraged the organizations that signed the call for a concert of saucepans. AlterPresse

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