Haitian factories to donate a million masks to government in fight against Covid-19

The donation of one million masks will be made to the Haitian government as part of the fight against Covid-19 next Friday at the request of Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, the president of the Association of Industries of Haiti, (ADIH), Georges B. Sassine, said Tuesday. “Yes, we will do it for free. These masks, mostly washable, will be available next Friday,” he said, mentioning that everyone must get their hands dirty in the fight against this pandemic. Le Nouvelliste 

Several organizations express their concerns over the risks of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti

The Organization of Citizens for a New Haiti (Ocnh), the Combite for Peace and Development (Cpd) and the Center for Peasant Animation and D community action (Capac) express their concerns as they face with the risks of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti. “Our already deleterious social system may not recover. Overcrowding in certain neighborhoods is a major problem. Our living conditions leave something to be desired and we fear an exponential growth in the number of contaminations,” they said in a joint statement to AlterPresse Monday.  AlterPresse

Jean Roudy Aly is the new boss of OMRH

The former Minister of Justice, Jean Roody Aly was appointed by presidential decree on Tuesday as general coordinator of the Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH). He replaces Josué Pierre-Louis, who had held the position since 2017. The OMRH provides the country with a modern, efficient, honest, impartial public administration serving citizens in the general interest and are capable of gaining the confidence of the population and to preserve the rule of law. Juno 7

Graffiti to sensitize Haitians to Covid-19

Artists from the metropolitan region are launching an artistic awareness campaign around the coronavirus in Haiti. In Cité-Soleil and Bois-Patate, located east of Port-au-Prince, graffiti illustrating health measures have popped up to raise awareness of Covid-19. The walls of the metropolitan area have become precious as they no longer serve as a slate for political denigration or to exclaim live or aba. They serve as tables for Haitian graphic designers to raise awareness of the standards to be met in the face of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Loop Haiti

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