Commercial banks to operate Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to noon

The professional association of banks released a statement Thursday informing the public and its customers that “in the context of the CORONAVIRUS epidemic (COVID-19), the counters of bank branches will be open to customers of 9:00 am at noon from Monday, March 30, 2020. The branches will be closed on Saturday to facilitate maintenance and cleaning work to reduce the risk of contamination with COVID19.” Continue reading

Return of Haitians from the Dominican Republic, Prime Minister announces actions and discussions

Dominican authorities have deposited more than a thousand Haitians at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border in recent days. 1,400 people have been counted by the Support Group for Returnees and Refugees (GARR), who returned to the country without a COVID-19 screening test. “I am well aware of the situation on the border, which has always been so, but with the coronavirus, you have to change your behavior, although bad habits die hard. We are working accordingly. A meeting was organized under the aegis of MAHVE between IOM and ONM so that each entity takes responsibility,” said Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. Continue reading

Délimart takes measures to protect its customers and employees

Délimart is among the institutions that have adopted strict measures to protect its customers and employees against the spread of COVID-19. “To protect our employees and customers, we require people inside our buildings to stand at least 1.5 m from their nearest predecessor in the waiting lines. We have placed badges to ensure that this distance is respected. A security guard is responsible for enforcing this protective measure, which we hold dear,“ said Carmitho Accilien, manager of Délimart. Continue reading

The Collective Defenders Plus asks to protect vulnerable groups against the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti

The human rights organization Collectif Défender Plus advocates for the protection of vulnerable groups against the pandemic of Covid-19 (the new coronavirus) in Haiti. Measures must be taken to allow disabled and blind people to be affected by the awareness messages around the Covid-19 pandemic, said Antonal Mortimé, co-director of the Collectif Défenseurs Plus at a press conference Thursday. The state must provide spaces for newly arrested people, so as to avoid contaminating detainees already suffering from hypertension and other illnesses, she adds. Continue reading

Griyo, the first digital library for Haitian authors launched

While the repertoire of Haitian literary works continues to grow, some unfortunately do not have access to these productions, or only know the authors by name. To make up for it, author France Medeley Guilloux and company have set up the first digital library of Haitian authors titled Griyo. Launched on March 20, it is “an opportunity for all Haitians, especially young people to use their smartphones and mobile data wisely,” explains Guilloux. The project mainly targets young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods who most often do not have access to a library. Continue reading

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