Five dismissed police officers are reinstated in Haitian Corps

The PNH spokesman, Michel-Ange Louis Jeune announced on Wednesday that the five dismissed officers have been reinstated in the ranks of the PNH since March 21 on the recommendations of the Office for the Protection of Citizen (OPC) and the Facilitation and Dialogue Commission. The high staff decided that the appointees Yanick Joseph, agent 2, Abelson Gros-Nègre, agent 2, Jean Elder Monday, inspector, Gédéon Monbrun agent 2, and Yens Lamarre, agent 1 are to be reinstated in the PNH. In addition, Jeune reported that more than 1,000 police officers have gone from agent I to agent II. Continue reading

348 Cuban doctors and nurses aid Haiti in Coronavirus Fight

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Doctor Claude Joseph announced on Twitter Wednesday “the deployment of a medical brigade of 348 Cuban doctors and nurses in Haiti as part of the fight against the Coronavirus.” In a ceremony that welcomed the Cuban health professionals, Joseph took the opportunity to thank the Cuban government on behalf of President Jovenel Moïse and the Haitian people for their medical assistance. Continue reading

Public institutions continue to operate as usual

Less than a week after the announcement of government measures to fight COVID-19, no new schedule is in effect to facilitate employee turnover. Elsewhere, containers have been placed at the entrance to these offices so that those who frequent the place can wash their hands. In the provisions adopted by the Haitian authorities to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, it is thus provided that a weekly rotation of 50% of state personnel is carried out in non-essential public services, in particular those that operate in tight spaces. Continue reading

Prison detention conditions is an obstacle to social distancing inHaiti

The Federation of Bars of Haiti (Fbh) says it is concerned with the silence of the authorities on the conditions of detention of prisoners when it comes to social distancing which is currently not allowed in prisons in Haiti. Many of those detained suffer from malnutrition and are crammed into overcrowded cells, says the Fbh. Continue reading

5,000 hygiene kits distributed to orphanages in Haiti

The Institute of Social Welfare and Research (Ibers) wants to protect children in need from the coronavirus pandemic. In collaboration with UNICEF, 5,500 hygiene kits are being distributed in the 754 residential centers for children in the country. In an interview with Loop Haiti, the assistant to the general manager of Ibers, Diem Pierre, spreads out the ambition of his institution “consisting in curbing the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Haiti, in particular with children and the most vulnerable as desired by the Haitian government.” Continue reading

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