4 new cases of COVID-19 discovered in Haiti

Haitian authorities have reported six total cases of COVID-19, four which were confirmed on March 22. Four new cases were confirmed after tests by the national laboratory on suspected cases. The government has not provided details of the regions where these new cases have been recorded. Continue reading

Workers will receive half their salary says Haitian Prime Minister

To help textile workers support themselves during the downtime due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the government is making arrangements to pay them half their wages. “The workers must stay at home. At the appropriate time, they will be invited, in groups of 10, to come to their respective workplaces to receive half of their salary,” tweeted Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe Sunday evening. Continue reading

Mspp increasingly concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti

The Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (Mspp), Dr. Lauré Adrien, expresses his deepest concerns given the speed of propagation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti, at a press conference on Monday. “With the speed of propagation of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will unfortunately reach phase 2 at home, where we will no longer be able to assert with confidence the number of confirmed cases and ensure that the situation does not go evolve, “fears Adrien, without wanting to alarm the population. Continue reading

10 books to read during confinement

Time becomes particularly long in a context of confinement. Yet social distancing, even for a people who live from day to day, is a decision that can save lives. We must keep our distance from our loved ones despite ourselves according to Richenel Ostiné, a masters student at Laval University in Quebec who recommends Haitians to read books such as: “The Space of a Blink” and “24 Hours of a Woman’s Life.” Continue reading


New York’s Haitian community Braces For More Disruption As Coronavirus Infections Skyrocket

New Yorkers are facing the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak as it continues to spread across the country. The state has more than 20,000 cases and at least 157 people have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Almost half of all cases in the United States are in New York state and over the past two weeks, New York City has become an epicenter for the virus, with more than 12,000 positive cases of coronavirus and 99 deaths.  Continue reading

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