Eric Jean-Baptiste donates 100 million gourdes for the construction of the FDJ

Entrepreneur Eric Jean-Baptiste has granted a financial contribution of 100 million gourdes for the construction of the law school of Jacmel. The initiative is welcomed by the officials of the institution and the local student community. In at least 36 months, students of the faculty of law of Jacmel will be able to follow the courses in a brand new space.

The first stone break took place on March 16 in the presence of local authorities, representatives of the State University of Haiti and the president of the Rally of National Progressive Democrats. Éric Jean-Baptiste participated both as CEO of his foundation and Secretary General of the RDNP.

Jean-Baptiste made no secret of his satisfaction at being able to help provide young people with an appropriate environment that meets urban and architectural standards conducive to their good training. Continue reading

Haitian medical students stranded in Rwanda due to coronavirus outbreak

A Haitian delegation of medical students was in Rwanda to take part in the largest international conference of medical students held on the role of primary care on universal health coverage.

In the process, the latter took the opportunity to visit the health infrastructure of Rwanda in order to learn about the effectiveness of community medicine in this country where more than 85% of the population benefit from free basic health care.

Last week, reports from the Ministry of Public Health in Rwanda revealed no cases of coronavirus. When the American government made the decision to suspend flights from Europe, these students, aware of the situation, quickly took steps to shorten their stay and return to Haiti. Continue reading

Hsiti’s Private hospitals prepare to deal with coronavirus

The president of the Association of Private Hospitals of Haiti said that private health institutions are better prepared and informed to deal with the new coronavirus which is spreading at great speed around the world. Dr. Franck Généus announces that private hospitals and the staff who work there will know what to do in the presence of a case.

If on the one hand the government is taking measures to prevent the introduction on Haitian soil of Covid-19, for their part, private hospitals in Haiti are preparing the ground in case the disease happens to break all the locks. After the two days of training that the Ministry of Public Health and Population organized for the staff of private hospitals on the coronavirus (Covid-19), the president of the AHPH confirmed that certain points of shadow have been brightened.

“What are the protocols for isolation? Is the National Ambulance Center (CAN) trained to transport cases? Do the structures identified by the State for the care of patients really exist? The answers to these questions were broadly satisfactory,” said Dr. Franck Généus. Continue reading

Haitian artists engaged in raising awareness of Coronavirus

Several Haitian artists want to play their part in raising awareness of the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. They’re using social media platforms to capture the attention of their compatriots on preventive measures to adopt.

Messages, jingles, songs, simulation exercises; everyone has their own way and methods. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, these artists provide advice and do simulation exercises by addressing the Haitian population in this context of global health crisis raised to the order of a pandemic since March 11 by WHO (World Health Organization).

On the instrumental of the music Dja-Dja of the African singer Aya Nakamura, Jean-Jean Roosvelt deposits his voice there. Through a bilingual message, the native of Jérémie (Grande Anse, part of the southwest of Haiti) invites his fellow citizens to wash their hands continuously, avoiding shaking hands and kissing. Continue reading

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