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Central America and Caribbean: Key Message Update – February 2020

Water deficit in Haiti is expected to affect yields while casual labor demand decreases in Central America

Key Messages

In Haiti, livelihoods remain disrupted due to high food prices, lack of employment opportunities and the remaining effects of the socio-political crisis. Poor households continue to intensify the sale of charcoal and animals, delay the return of children to school, among other strategies, to maintain their basic food consumption. Food insecurity remains in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Stress (IPC Phase 2).

In Haiti, market functioning improved in December after two months of civil unrest. Food prices remain above average while local prices are stable or are declining. The Haitian gourde is showing some stability against the U.S. dollar. Winter crops, including beans, are currently being harvested or about to be harvested. Their yield is expected to be reduced in the Nord and Nord-Est departments because of a water deficit observed since the end of December and in Artibonite due to strong winds. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Mar. 18, 2020

ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “Central America and Caribbean: Key Message Update – February 2020”

  1. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    The problem in Haiti currently is beyond critical and someone who cares or someone who is sensitive and has a bit of sensitivity to human kind should and must step in to stop this nonsense. The whole situation is due to corruption that continues to plague Haiti leaving most of the people vulnerable and it got to stop. Haiti has natural resources that could have been used to help the population but is seems that the government is always in full.hibernation after grabbing the all the given money. Corruption corruption and corruption.
    Let’s address the possible causes. 1) greed because they came to sit in a chair that gives access to money they never saw prior. What do you think they would do other than grabbing? They lost control and will never stop.
    2) do you atually know what to do with all this money since they mentally disturbed by the money and has no intelligence business wise.
    3) examine their ego situation : they have want we call delusion of grandeur, wants everything they see but never had efective plans or planifications to accomplish it. Etc etc.
    They intend the keep the poor just you see them struggling , using them as scapegoat so they can collect money for their pockets. Quelle honte.
    Now talking about food shortage, droughts and money among other things that plagued haitiens. The questions are what can be done to reverse the conditions. I am saying that to anyone or institutions who wants to help Haiti and haitiens. Please do not hand over money to Noone with no exception unless you stand right behind them to control it. This is a critical time to engage everyone. We need to be in a fast motion to solve this crisis.
    Haiti has someone or people in the agricultural department, then where is this person? Where are they hinding? What have they been doing lately? They must bring their folders handy with previous done projects and projects that are currently in progress so people can see. We have large rivers that can be redistributed to provide enough water to grow crops. They need a better irrigation system which can be achieved . We do not appreciate agronome to sit in office wearing suits. They must be in the fields deciding what is best to grow more food so food can be more affordable. What should you buy food products from Dominican Republic? What happened?
    This is the time to call ODVA and put them in full gear to how to start working in behalf of the people who struggling with poverty, dirt and every bad thing in a daily basis. As humans they deserved the right to foods, roofs over their heads, health care and access and a decent living just like anyone else. Quelle honte. You passed every day and see theither conditions, went to your beautiful home and did nothing yesterday and do nothing today. It takes a human being to see another human being. What do you see today as I am pleasing for them to you? How do you understand their issues? This lack of sensitivity comes from your heart and I hope you will feel it one day.
    The situation is dire and why not actions are taken until now? I saw dogs in Haiti that are so diseased due to lack of nutrition. I saw children and older people in the streets and you know the rest. How long can they hold on to this life?
    If anyone wants help solve this crisis , I advise them to invest in the agricultural system by flourishing the plantations and irrigation so food cand be more affordable. Do not give to eat for 1 day while they need food everyday. The population has to be educated on hour to grow crops in their backyards to provide nutritious food for there kids. Yes they can. Haiti has plenty of lands that can be used but it time to remove lazy people out of the offices and place competent and caring ones. We need to create a new system that will give you receipts that will be verified on what is done and what will be done with it delay. Money has been handed to these individuals for soo long and what did you see or get? Today’s money must be spent differently with major changes that all of us and the people will inquire about. We are talking and working now on behalf of of the oppressed people in Haiti. We are asking the president to look into their dire situations before it is too late. The president must act promptly.

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