Traffic jam at the Haiti-Dominican border

The strict control of individuals at Malpasse has caused a huge traffic jam at the Haitian-Dominican border which was closed Monday as a preventive measure to Covid-19.

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe has assured that only freight vehicles will be allowed to cross the border with a very small staff, after evaluation. But for the time being, the representatives of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) are not present to control the users of this border point.

Although Haiti has, according to the authorities, no confirmed case of Coronavirus, Joseph announced a series of drastic measures intended to protect the Haitian population against the coronavirus. Continue reading

Only Planes from the U S will be allowed in Haiti

Flights from Europe, Canada and Latin America are suspended and the border with the Dominican Republic will be closed beginning March 16 at midnight, the Haitian government decided Sunday. Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, who announced it during a press conference in his private residence, stressed that no case of coronavirus has been registered in the country to date.

“The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will be closed this Monday March 16 at midnight. All flights from Europe, Canada and Latin America will also be suspended. Flights from the United States are maintained and are being evaluated,” he said.

Jouthe also prohibited all trips by Haitian officials abroad. The government advises people not to travel abroad except in emergencies, he urged. Continue reading

Two teachers molested by USGPN agents: the École normale supérieure protests and calls for mobilization

The management of the École normale supérieure (ENS), in a press note, protested the brutality of the agents of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN) against two teachers of the institution on March 13.

The image of one of these teachers, wounded in the head with a gun, quickly spread around social networks. His car was noticed also riddled with bullets and the tires punctured by these agents, according to a note published on March 14, also reporting that a member of the administrative staff was treated bluntly, well that there was no altercation with these agents, explains the note bearing the signature of the directors of the École normale supérieure: “Bérard Cenatus, Alvarès Louis and Dieuseul Predelus.” Continue reading

Haitian government officially launches a Permanent Information Center on Covid-19

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe officially launched an Information Center on the Covid-19 / new coronavirus (Cipc) on Monday in Port-au-Prince.

The main awareness-raising actions of different media entities will be coordinated through this center, which should keep the population always informed about the evolution of the Covid-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic.

This coordination concerns the public and private media, the National Association of Haitian Media (Anmh), the Association of Independent Media of Haiti (Amih), the Association of Haitian Journalists (Ajh) as well as the National System for the Management of risks and disasters (Sngrd) among others.

Jouthe asks the health authorities to continue monitoring the evolution of the epidemiological situation while adopting effective prevention measures. Continue reading

Mòskòy, a master in the art of juggling in Haiti

Xavier Badio, better known by the nickname of Mòskòy, is one of these young talents who shine in the art of juggling in Haiti. By combining sport, leisure, acrobatics and spectacle in one, he amazes everyone with his talent.

Throwing four or five sticks or clubs in the air, then catching them one after the other by creating an artistic figure without getting your hands burned, cannot leave anyone indifferent. This is called juggling, an artistic discipline which, according to the famous juggler Raphaël Capito in remarks reported by La Dépêche, was born in Egypt in 1800 before becoming known in China almost 600 years before Jesus. Christ.

Popularized throughout the world in the Middle Ages, this heritage has survived in Haiti for the past ten years. In the early days, young people gathered in a structure called Maison Arc-en-Ciel Cultural Center to learn the ropes and the discipline and passion of a group of Canadian coaches after the 2010 earthquake. Continue reading

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