Government Plans To Close Ports And Airports in Haiti

Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe tweeted on Sunday a set of measures targeting travel and transportation to prevent the coronavirus epidemic.
As a flagship measure, Jouthe said on Twitter, “Consider closing ports and airports to passengers. Only the goods could be authorized, after evaluation.” Still within the framework of prevention, Jouthe calls on the population to avoid any unnecessary crowd gathering.

“Wash your hands often. Do not put your hands on your face. Avoid non-essential human contact,” he said.

The Prime Minister also claims that his “Government plans to close the borders with the Dominican Republic as a preventive measure,” and goods transport vehicles which “cross the border will be allowed to enter the national territory with a reduced staff, after evaluation,” he added in another tweet. Continue reading

First suspected Coronavirus case in Haiti identified is tested negative

The first person to show symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 tested negative. Since the Ministry of Public Health and Population had promised to remain in constant communication with the population in order to inform them of everything related to the Coronavirus pandemic, he gave a press conference this Friday. The second in less than 48 hours.

At this conference, the MSSP confirmed that it had identified a first suspected case in the past 48 hours. This person, a foreigner living in Haiti, was tested negative at Covid-19. It was the Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Doctor Lauré Adrien accompanied by the Departmental Director of West Health, Doctor Beneche Martial who made the announcement at the official residence of the first Minister Joseph Jouthe. Continue reading

COVID-19 phobia causes chlorine obsession among Haitians

Many Haitians have displayed a certain obsession with disinfecting hands and other objects. The phobia of the coronavirus has pushed many Port-au-Princiens to rush to the supermarkets to buy chlorinated products. A Métropole radio reporter noted the relentlessness of customers to stock up on hand sanitizers, clorox, alcohol and other similar products.

Supermarket officials have been forced to place restrictions on sales due to the determination of some people to buy dozens of the same product. In some markets, there is already a shortage of these products. In other cases, there have been an increase in prices. Some market officials have argued that they have only passed on the adjustment to the purchase price. Continue reading

Revoked Police Continue to Receive Salary According to New Claim

The PNH has not yet announced the reinstatement of the four police officers dismissed as part of the protests for the recognition of the Syndicate of the National Police of Haiti. The spokesman for the police institution, Michel-Ange Louis Jeune, said: “we are still in the process of resolving the CSPN, that is to say a re-evaluation of their file. We are awaiting the result of this reassessment.”

SPNH spokesperson, Inspector Jean Helder Monday, said that the dismissed police do not intend to appeal to try to cancel the revocation. Besides, he continues, we do not consider ourselves to be dismissed police officers.

“We have just received our salary for this month. Our debit card was bailed out. We continue to enjoy all of the benefits of our police status. We still hold our service badges and weapons. We were never dismissed. That is why we are not going to appeal. It is up to them to correct their hasty decision,” he said. Continue reading

“Chimen libète,” the first album of the group Akoustik finally available

Akoustik released “Chimen libète,” their first album in five years on March 8. The 13-track album includes singles such as “Vayb la bon” or “Ayibobo. Love, society and personal development are among the themes addressed on this disc.

The eight of them have found the secret to creating the right atmosphere in the evenings. If you are one of those whose first question would be why they took so long to release the album, know that despite some funding from relatives and friends, the production of “Chimen Libète” was mainly funded by musicians of the group themselves.

“We didn’t want to release an album just because we had the pressure. The work had to be ready. We were also looking to find a sound of our own. It’s done,” says Joël PierreVil, one of the group’s leads. Continue reading

After Another Day Of Violent Protests, Haiti To Allow Police To Unionize

Hours after masked protesters, some of whom were armed and dressed in police uniforms, attacked and ransacked several Haitian government ministries in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, the country’s recently installed prime minister announced an about face.

Joseph Jouthe said Haiti, which has long banned its police officers from unionizing, will allow its 15,000-member national police force to organize and form a union. The decision, he said, will be done via a presidential decree. Continue reading

Health & Science

How Can I Get Tested? And Other Coronavirus Questions…

Amid states of emergency that have placed sharp restrictions on public gatherings, top state and city officials are scrambling to up the number of coronavirus tests performed daily in New York.

In the meantime, here are authorities’ latest answers to questions you might have about testing and other medical issues related to the local response to a global pandemic. Continue reading

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