State Department publishes damning report on human rights situation in Haiti

The State Department of the United States of America published a report on the situation of human rights in Haiti on Wednesday.
The report reviews the actions of the administration of President Jovenel Moise, the areas in which the country has the lowest ratings are the fight against corruption, impunity and cases of abuse of power by the forces order during protests against the ruling power.

“There are many reports of corruption in government and a sense of impunity for the perpetrators. The judiciary investigated several cases of corruption during the year, but there were no prosecutions,” according to the report. Continue reading

Haitian Government postpones multicultural event

The Ministry of Culture and Communication announced the postponement of the multicultural evening which was to be held on Friday in a press release published Thursday. The activity was to be organized in partnership with the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF). The Ministry of Culture and Communication did not give the reason for this decision.

“The Ministry of Culture and Communication regrets to inform you that, for reasons beyond its control, it decided to postpone the multicultural evening, which it had to organize in partnership with the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), Friday March 13, 2020. A new date will be communicated to you later,” writes the MCC. Continue reading

16 Haitians quarantined in Haiti, awaiting autopsy results of passenger who died in a bus in Jimani

16 Haitians have been quarantined in Haiti and are currently awaiting the results of an autopsy test from one of their loved ones, who died on March 11 in a bus from the Dominican Republic, said to the Ministry of Public Health and Population (Mspp), Marie Gréta Roy Clément in a press conference on Thursday.

“Yesterday evening (March 11, 2020), we took 16 people to one of the sites chosen for institutional quarantine. These people were in contact with another Haitian who died on a bus in Jimani (West of the Dominican Republic). He had symptoms like cough and fever,” she said. Continue reading

Air Caraïbes suspends flights to Haiti until June 16 while Air France maintains its own

Due to the spread of the coronavirus around the world, the Interior Ministry decided on Monday that planes with passengers from China, South Korea, Italy, France and Germany could not directly land in Haiti. Following this decision, Air Caraïbes suspended its flights to Haiti from March 11 through June 16. Air France, meanwhile, has maintained its flights to the country.

Maritza Gattereau, representative of Air Caraïbes in Haiti, said Wednesday that her company has decided to suspend its flights to Haiti from now until June 16. This decision, she mentioned was taken following the restrictive measures of the Haitian Ministry of the Interior on planes from countries considered red compared to the coronavirus. Continue reading

Jimmy Jean-Louis doubly honored at the Luxor film festival

The Burkinabé film entitled “Desrances,” played by Haitian international actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, won the prize for the best artistic achievement in the category of feature films at the prestigious Luxor African film festival (LAFF 2020).

“I am happy to be honored and to have received another award for the film Desrances,” he said Wednesday.

In addition to this prize, Jean-Louis was the guest of honor at this festival which, in its ninth edition, once again took up the challenge of contributing to a vast promotion of African cinematographic productions from March 6 to March 12. Continue reading

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