Associations protest against the destruction of Judge Durin Duret Junior’s Car

The car transporting judge Durin Duret Junior of the Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince and adviser to the CSPJ was almost destroyed during the police demonstration on Monday in Delmas. While he came out of it physically healthy, his associates are asking the executive to act to guarantee public peace.

“The National Association of Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH) is indignant and raises the strongest protest against the attack which was the object, this afternoon, at the corner of the road to Delmas and Delmas 40b while Me Durin Duret Junior went on the occasion of his responsibility to the Superior Council of the Judicial Power (CSPJ). The vehicle that transported it was almost destroyed, he got out of it physically unharmed except by the benevolent grace of God. This is not acceptable. Also, the ANAMAH is reflecting on the appropriate posture to bring those responsible for this climate of blind insecurity to take their responsibilities,” specifies a note signed by its president, Me Jean Wilner MORIN. Continue reading

Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Diplomatic Corps Accredited in Haiti

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Dr Claude Joseph met the members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Haiti at the Kinam hotel on Tuesday.

Dr Claude Joseph gave the assurance that the Haitian government take action to fight the coronavirus in front of the heads of diplomatic and consular missions, the heads of international organizations, the representative of the BINUH, Helen Meagher La Lime among others

In his speech of circumstances, the Haitian chancellor emphasized the international context which is marked by a set of challenges including that of the coronavirus (Covid-19). The World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned of the threat that the epidemic will turn into a pandemic. Continue reading

Violent police demonstration in Delmas

A new violent demonstration by unionized police was recorded on March 9 in Delmas. Groups of police officers, some of them hooded and others in uniform, have since the midday erected barricades of burning tires on the road to Delmas.

These police officers closed several public offices including the FAES and the National Archives. The demonstrating police threw tear gas at the premises of the National Archives to force the officials to empty the premises.

Police denounce Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe’s remarks about the illegality of a police union. Continue reading

Planes from the red zones prohibited from landing in Haiti due to Coronavirus

Planes with passengers from China, South Korea, Italy, France and Germany will not be able to land directly in Haiti the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT) announced in a note dated March 9.

“The Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities has the advantage of asking airlines operating on national territory to take the necessary measures to prohibit the boarding of any passenger from the red zones (high-risk zones COVID-19 contamination) who had not spent 14 days outside of a risk-free area,” said the note, noting that “instructions have been given to the Immigration and Emigration Department with a view to ensure the strict application of this measure.”

More than 15,000 people have been affected by the new coronavirus in Europe. Italy is the European country most affected by the epidemic, and the second in the world, with more than 9,000 cases, including 463 dead according to a report made public Monday evening, reports Agence France Presse. Continue reading

Corventina wins sacred Concacaf Golden Boots

14 goals in 6 games, a ratio of 2 goals per game for the talented Grenadière who left an indelible mark in the qualifiers for the under-20 world cup that took place in the Dominican Republic the last two weeks.

The Haitian international managed to score against all the teams it faced. Despite marks in the pants, zone or even in doubles, Melchie Dumornay always ended up inventing a mechanism to find the breach in the opposing defense to mark and hurt the opponent.

Corventina managed to score on a direct free kick on a direct corner, on combinations in the area or on long shots. The young 16-year-old athlete dazzled and amazed fans around the world. Double, triple or quadruple, she did it all. She was insatiable and domineering on the lawn. Continue reading

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