Jouthe Joseph Officially takes the Reigns as Prime Minister

After receiving his amplifications from the hands of the President Jovenel Moïse, the new Prime Minister, Joseph Jouthe, officially took office on Wednesday during a ceremony held at the National Palace. Several people including ex Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin, Normil Rameau and members of the diplomatic corps with the exception notably of the Embassy of the United States attended. Jouthe called for a truce in his speech.

From the outset, he suggested that he had taken the full measure of the current crisis in the country. 

“The situation is serious. We are living today in a precarious socio-economic situation which could lead at any time to a humanitarian disaster. Our country is dying,” said Jouthe. Continue reading

Dr. Jean Hugues Henrys to receive Knight of the National Order of Merit of France for his contribution to the health service in Haiti

The French Ambassador to Haiti, José Gomez, presented the insignia of “Knight of the National Order of Merit” to Doctor Jean Hugues Henrys during a ceremony organized on March 4 at the residence of the French ambassador in Port-au-Prince. 

This doctor and dean of university, a graduate of several French universities, decided to put his skills and his energy at the service of health in Haiti said the French embassy.

“Henrys “worked in particular to make the Notre-Dame d’Haïti university (Roman Catholic) faculty of medicine (an institution founded in 1995) an institution of excellence in the training of medical personnel and paramedical.” Continue reading

The awareness messages around the coronavirus must be adapted to the needs of deaf people, the Bseiph say

The Office of the Secretary of State for the Integration of People with Disabilities (Bseiph) recommends adapting the awareness messages around the coronavirus epidemic (novel coronavirus) to the needs of people with disabilities, especially those who are deaf.

This recommendation of the Bseiph is made in particular to all those who have embarked on the awareness of the population, on the Covid-19.

“The awareness messages, currently being broadcast, do not reach the entire population, particularly deaf people,” said the state institution. Continue reading

Jimmy Jean-Louis to be honored at the Luxor African Film Festival

For its 9th edition to be held from 6 to 12 March, The Luxor African Film Festival will receive the Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis as guest of honor. Two of the films in which he participated will be screened there.

Under the leadership of the great Egyptian screenwriter and playwright, Sayed FOUAD EL-GENNARY, the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) which will be held from March 6 to March 12, continues its momentum this year, always with the aim of promoting cinematographic works in the region. In the same vein, the initiative promotes the creation of “humanitarian and political links between the peoples of Africa in general and African artists in particular. ” Continue reading

Spain opens to Haitian students

The Chargé d’affaires of the Republic of Haiti to the Kingdom of Spain, Dr. Claude Joseph, announced the signing on February 27 of an agreement for academic and scientific cooperation between Haiti and the Spanish region of Murcia. Thanks to the various mobility programs resulting from this agreement, Haitian students will now be able to start or continue their studies at universities in the Murcia region.

“Next year, students from Haiti will study at the universities of Murcia,” said Dr. Joseph after his meeting with representatives of three universities in the Murcia region and the signing of a scientific and academic cooperation agreement between these three universities and the State University of Haiti (UEH). Continue reading

Haitian photojournalist Dieu-Nalio Chéry receives award from the AP

Haitian photojournalist Dieu-Nalio Chéry was ranked second in the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) “Breaking news / story of the year” category on March 3. The Associated Press collaborator received this new distinction, almost a month after one of his photos was ranked third in the prestigious ” Picture of the Year” award.

“Thank you to NPPA for placing me second in the Breaking news / story of the year category. Congratulations to my colleagues. Motivation!,” responded the photojournalist a few hours after the announcement. Continue reading

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