Just because a club is struggling for Premier League survival doesn’t mean it lacks prize footballing assets.

In fact, several teams stuck in the mire have players who could easily play a part for the very best in the division—some from a starting role, others perhaps in a more rotational one.

Here, we’ve built a list of 10 such individuals.

There are seven clubs who you can argue are in the mix: anyone from Newcastle United (14th on 32 points) down is currently under severe pressure to get points on the board in their quest for survival. The further down you go, the more desperate the need is.

In building this list, we had to omit some excellent players who have serious cases to be on here. It speaks to the top-down quality of the Premier League that there were so many, another list of 10 could easily be constructed.

England’s top tier boasts a best-ever collection of talent; sadly, it’s very poorly managed in some parts and doesn’t live up to its potential. Continue reading

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