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François Is Eager To Pounce With Reno

Christiano Francois left going by a defender. photo credit, Reno 1868 F.C

By Ralph “Onz” Cherry

Haitian international Christiano ‘Cheetah’ François’s career started on the highest note possible, he was his country’s Young Player of the Year at just 16 in 2009. Although his talent never stopped sparkling from his feet, things didn’t follow through as expected.


The midfielder bounced between eight teams across three different countries in the past six years—two of these teams ceased operations, Ottawa Fury F.C. and Rochester Rhinos.


“I respect him [François] because a lot of players who went through his journey would have quit a long time ago,” semi-pro soccer club F.C. Motown’s head coach, Šaćir Hot, said of his former player. “He doesn’t stop, he just keeps playing. He wouldn’t be on that many teams if he wasn’t a fighter.”



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Feb. 28, 2020