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Three people are banned from leaving Haiti

Photo Credit: Juno7

Three people including businessman Antonny Benett, owner of “Mache Ti Tony”, as well as Hans Rémy and Jonny Farah are banned from leaving the country.  The prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince addressed three letters dated Feb. 23, to the Director of Immigration, Joseph Cianciulli according to Juno7.  Letters in which he asked Cianciulli to take all necessary measures to prohibit the aforementioned individuals from leaving the country. 

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Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Feb. 25, 2020

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