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Duvalier says he intends to help in Haiti’s recovery

Photo Credit: Radio Metropole

“Together we can make a difference and avoid the nation drifting” stated Nicolas Duvalier son of the late former President Jean Claude Duvalier.  Duvalier who has been living in Haiti since 2011, intends to make a contribution in the recovery of the nation. As of now, though Duvalier hasn’t declared himself as a candidate for the Presidency according to Radio Metropole.

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Rachele Viard

Rachele Viard

Managing Editor at Haitian Times
Born into a Haitian family in Stone Mountain GA. , Rachele visited Haiti several times in her youth and connected to the country and the culture. She moved to Haiti in 2009, where she put her English degree to use as a writer, using her voice and pen to promote tourism in the country and highlight the richness of the Haitian culture and people.
Rachele Viard
Feb. 19, 2020

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  1. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    Mr Duvalier is right and do you know why I agree with him? He sees Haiti first? He shows that he has “HONOR” and some INTEGRITY. Thus may be he has a bit of humanity left in him therefore, he chooses to reconsider for the deep seated love for his beloved country “Haiti” just like some of us still standing for her. Glorify the Lord ## for it exists some good haitiens who really do care about Haiti. Those who are still blind thinking rioting, burning, kidnapping killing and stealing are the perfect things to do, I , the ones who love this beautiful Haiti and the almighty God’s have something to tell you : you are like a bird and soon your wings will be broken like fools. Amen.
    They are times in life when people like you have to take 5 minutes to think about your behaviour and be ashamed. There’s a time when even if you really hate each other to put your differences aside and serve your country just like all other people /men do for theirs. What about you? I believe your jalousy is up high to your throat and cannot breathe . I then commander in chief cannot follow your commands he shouldn’t be seated in the chair you should have been seating? The people did not vote you there. Remember that. Jealousy over and over again why don’t you just respect the law?. Quelle honte. Shame on you because instead of working together to make a difference you sat there that long simply thinking what else you should do create insecurity and chaos. Shame on you because you are the cause of all the crimes that currently are committed in Haiti. Let me tell you why you are responsible. Each time you come with idea of protesting the gangsters own the streets terrorizing haitiens your brothers , sisters and even children. Quelle honte on your honorable life you claim to cherish. For those who cannot see you for who you are. You and those who oppose to Haiti ‘s wellbeing you are nothing but bad dudes using treachery to keep haitiens in a moral and mental slavery just to fulfill your great great father’s dreams alive. Haitiens have enough of your nonsense so get the hell out and Haiti and haitiens be. It is time to resign your treacherous seats. What dI’d you do for Haiti? Put the list down so haitiens with better visions to see for themselves.
    Yes anyone who love Haiti the way they pretend to love must work together to remove her from this inferno while in the dark.
    If you witnessed all this mess and you bare calling for more problems the problem is you and may be your are not as smart as you thought you were to realize it or.may be the devil is a liar. What I am trying to to tell all of is that : Haiti belongs to all of us and it is of utmost importance to keep her alive through your commitments , intelligence, grace, integrity, skills, cooperation, dedication and true love because Haiti must be first and remain first. Shame on you if you don’t see nor feel that way. Shame on you if you sit there scratching your derriere and do nothing or taking all her wealth and take off during the night like thieves and let drown in the garbages she has been sitting for so long. Quelle honte as men , Patriots and fellow haitiens. There no time at this point to try to get even when the truth has been told . The right to do is to hop on your shameful horse and start working, cleaning and making laws that stand tall to correct the incorrect. It will not be easy since you never do one good thing for her but it take a community to make that happen. Shame on you if you choose not to. Your conscience will be your judge and judgment. So cut the crap and start working as men not as little girls crying for chicken wings .

  2. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    Let tell you bozo the clown something. When I was a tiny little girl in Haiti it used to be safe and cleaned when Jean CLaude Duvalier was there. The country had some good men then not like little toddlers sitting there doing absolutely nothing and expect to get paid. At least they had a better conscience or may be they thought as real men that was the way should live. A country where respected men reside shouldn’t be so filthy as our cities. What do think about that? Isn’t right to say? A country where good, intelligent,empathic and caring men reside should not have so much fertile lands and hunger is cracking lips , jaws and knocking so many bellies for they are emptied. Don’t you think it is fair to say that because it is true? Any place where real and fair men live must have laws to protect and provide basic needs for all citizens without prejudice . Am i lying? Where are you standing at this point? It is time to use other strategies for a better Haiti.
    For instance where great men live but are unable to see youngters are not in schools? These kids driving /riding mopets as taxi to make money instead. At the end they will become kidnappers terrorizing people because they were not encouraged to do better. They have no knowledge about the significance of education. Can you blame them 10 years from today when you cannot walk down the streets like now? Quelle honte. What did your achievement do for you if you did not see what I saw? Now that I mentioned it what are your plans? Quelle honte hein. Shame on you again I’d you choose not to address the mentioned issues. Let’s cut to the chase to make it short. How concerned are you when it comes to our beloved, our beautiful and sacrificial mother Haiti from now on? When are you going to collaborate and Unite for : THE CAUSE? (KEPPING HAITI SAFE, CLEAN AND PROSPEROUS ). Shame on you if you don’t. Do not shy away fom remembering how Haiti was when Duvalier was there. Think or press the enter button and you will surely see the how real men must live. Amen

  3. Max Johnson says:

    There is no magic in the name of Duvalier. Duvalier’s time has come and gone. Just because somebody has his last name doesn’t mean, he is going to be able to solve Haiti’s problems. It is time for the people to elect intelligent leaders to help the country to move forward. Haitians usually elect presidential candidates the same way they go to carnival: a nice surname like ” tèt calé” and “nèg bannan” and they think these people will be able to help the country develop. What about their economic agenda? What plans do they have to create jobs? How they plan to integrate the diaspora in the haitian society? These are the issues we need to solve not thinking by choosing someone with a former’s dictator’s name will be able to make all our problems disappear.

  4. MISTRAL Paultine says:

    I salute Your respective Comment That brought to the knowledge of the the trues Haitiens the dignity My regrets So Many do not know that much about Haiti

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