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Haiti police under fire as number of kidnappings spikes just before Carnival

Residents go about their day during a break in anti-government protests, which had disrupted businesses and daily life in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019.

Haiti police are acknowledging that there is a “spectacular” rise in kidnappings in the country.

The new crime wave, which is being amplified by unconfirmed reports on social media of abductions of schoolchildren, churchgoers and the poor, is creating panic among Haitians that is now spreading to the diaspora where some are contemplating whether or not to travel to Carnival.

“[I don’t know] what to think,” Marsha Marie Piard tweeted in response to a question by the popular Haitian-American social media platform, Lunionsuite, which asked Twitter followers, ‘What are your thoughts on Haiti Kanaval 2020 given the political climate of the country? “I canceled my trip last minute based on advice from my friends living there. I’m confused.”

Piard, an editor at Business Wire, later told the Miami Herald in an interview that she had planned months ago to visit Haiti for pre-carnival festivities, “but got an earful from friends and family against doing so. It just isn’t the right time to visit.” Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Feb. 13, 2020

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  1. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    What is going in Haiti right now is a complete shame because it has been going on but nothing is done about it. My question is why isn’t a thing done? Who are the authorities and where are they ? If the people voted and elected you to protect them why you are not doing it?.why do you allow kidnappers, murderers and thieves terrorizing people in broad daylight? Why do you keep crooked judges especially in the city of St Marc Artibonite department like Ricard Aristilde in the streets? Why ? If you sit in the higher chair as leaders why aren’t you leading effectively and righteously? Why mothers are taking their children to schools with a hammer or a stick to fend kidnappers? Where are yon?.or are you a part of the problems?
    If you are leaders why don’t you use your skills to bring criminals to justice because it is the law? Why are hiding like cowards behind the criminals like little girls?
    In a few words, what is going on in Haiti right now defines your incompetence as leaders, define you characteristics as cowardice, Nul/zero in the equation, as know how to read but uneducated individuals, as people who have eyes but really blind and at last as egoiste.
    If you sit there in your costume doing nothing then what is the point of being where you are ?
    As a country where are your army to defend the people and the country? Where are your sidekick sheriffs in each section of the cities to maintain control? Do you think it is wise to look sit in the chair like et monkeys or montrel dogs waiting for the cheke while doing nothing? Tell the people because they need to know your role in the matter. Because you have a visa to run as soon so as something happens meaning you do not care? Then your visa should be gone until you take care of your own country.
    Haitiens authorities behavior are telling us andollars the world only one thing: no countries in the world should grant a place for haitiens to live because it should be no place and anywhere for kidnappers, murderers and thieves. Do not let them in until they change their wrong to right. They should not have a place anywhere until the cleanl up their own lands of the insecurity.
    Leaders in general living in Haiti, ask yourself these questions why does Haiti is so filthy andi poor? Is is us who are so egoiste and crooked that cause the problems? What is your purposes and roles as leaders? This is disgusting to live in such terror. It is even worse to see the law enforcement who supposed to help but are the perpetrated. What a shame to be part of the pile. Tell the people while you are here but not there. The thing is if you are here but not helping get the hell out . At this point you shameless thief like magistrat Ricard Aristilde should go to hell with his family and all. Haiti doesn’t want you as children because she hates you at this point. Haiti as a mother hate these kidnappers, murderers and thieves and wants you all to go straight to kiss the devil’ or feed the worms 6 feet under.
    If you hate Haiti that much why are you criminals still there?

  2. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    They now confirm the cruelty all that time? Quelle honte. First of all where do these guys find the heavy duty guns being used for their crimes?.did you try hard enough to find the rich people who hold their leashes? Please. Do not insult our intelligence that way. They sufferers always tell the truth and nothing but the truth and we saw the videos in social media. They cannot rest for a moment without having someone scratching at their doors to rape them and innocent children. They lived having their Youngs snatched away by intruders in broad daylight so do not make people believe it all lies. We have seen youn stupid men in the streets carrying these guns like sugar cane sticks. Where do we see something like that other than in Haiti because the menext living there are simply cowards. May be they most likely ran hiding under their beds instead or confronting the situation. They are not willing to work hard to earn their living but rather waiting on others like parasites. Look at the women in Haiti they are courageously fighting against all kind of odds, they are in the streets with sticks to make sure their children reached schools safely? Haitiens, men it time to wake and try to make a difference. Stophiding behind the ladies and do your jobs as parents, husbands, brothers and cousins. It is time for the men in each community to put their differences aside and use their arms together in solidarite to uproot crimes in their neighborhood. It is time to become crime watchers and go get them . Shame on you if your husband or your brothers are the ones doing these horrible things ans you Dm site on your fat pads doing or saying nothing. For the blood in over your heads.
    As a human being sometimes you have some kind of ignorance that one cannot ignore like this one in Haiti. They are very arrogant andi cannot tolerate critics. Instead taking the critics and use it for change they hate instead. This is the reasons they’re so deep in misery. If they do not accept changes they will spend the rest of Their lives in this.mess .

  3. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    You shameless, imbeciles and ugly haitiens what do you think about what is happening in Haiti right now hein? Is it because you are too stupid, weak and gutless which caused this chaos in your own country? Doesn’t it bother you one bit? You cannot contain your behaviour or what? Are you aware of killing or kidnapping your brothers, sisters and children are high crimes deserving a death penalty? When did you become so bad like mongols? What is the purpose of this ? Is it because you are black and brainless ? Your pathetic life is so meaningless to you that why you choose this destructive path? Shame on you and your family.
    You members of the opposition, you are responsible for what is happening and all. Shame on you because you failed to assist in Haiti ‘should recovery but instead having a bunch of marauders dumping trashes in the streets and vandalized everything. You are responsible for the country’s kidnapping as well. You are a disgrace to Haiti health and shame on you band of idiots. Why don’t pick those with you and start the cleaning process because this what only do. What don’t you all together put a electrical plant to bring Haiti of her darkness instead of sitting on your fat pads doing nothing but trouble. Your pathetic losers but you are not smart enough to realize it. Shane on you . Un ensemble de coquin suivi par des imbeciles. Shame on you. You cannot see a thing right now but in a clearer day you will see tomorrow when Dominican Republic will request you to have a visa in order to get into their lands. That how advanced the are getting so what about you black folks in Haiti? What are you worth? Do you have a brain or not? What are your plans for today and tomorrow? Do you plan to spend your life in the garbages or not? What about the suffering of the people, doesn’t it matter to you? Are you blind enough not see what they are going through? Then shame on you.
    We have a country the is running by criminals in and out . When are the tough, well trained and skilled haitiens policemen ?.where are the remaining honest haitiens army? Do we have an army to combat this mess? Where are the normal but caring and vigilante family men ho wish to protect the environment? Where the policemen patrolling the islands? Why don’t have? Those are questions you should ask yourselves and provide the answers . In other words what is wrong with you haitiens men? I can see the women in more useful actions then you do. Where are you? You must be hinding under the bed because the kidnappers are still in the streets and the thieves as well not to forget the thieves in our legal systems. These hypocrites and marauders have to permanently go so Haiti can finally breath some fresh air.
    You Bunch of idiots they set you up so you can kill each other because you are not brave enough to create anything good for yourselves. You are not smart enough to be proactive in your own care. You are not brave enough to have your own army to defend yourselves against all treacherous goonies. You are brave enough to stand straight and say no to people who are trying to oppress you. Shame on you. You are not skilled enough to do nothing to change the face of your mother Haiti who gave you a place to live with these breathtaking mountains and seas. To Haiti your and my mother, you are nothing but NULL to the equation because she is still swimming in garbages and dirt. Haiti is so ashamed to call you sons and daughters because you took her wealth and hind everything in outside banks instead of creating beautiful things where she can enjoy. Haiti is tired of your greediness and turn cruelty toward her and shame on you again Haiti your mother think your pathetic behavior must stop right now because she wants to see new faces and welcome all her children around the world and keep them safe. Did you ever know that? Have you seen that on her facial expressions? Then why didn’t you notice all that time? Haitiens my brothers, if you do not change you will spend the rest of your lives in misery. You put yourselves in a moral and mental slavery but is time to let go of this mentality or you will perish 10o% it is time to see what you are doing is so wrong to your own self and are in a destructive path. It is about time to realize you are your own enemy and enemi within is the worst thing in a nation and here you are embedded in it blindnessly. What a shame again and again. My question is what do you have against your own brothers and sisters? What do you have against your beloved mother Haiti who breastfed you so gently haitiens? Then you are worth her milk and shame on you. You haitiens men are Haiti ‘s biggest disappointment and shame on you again. You who stoodles there than doing nothing but talking blah blah blah blah and still standing doing the same thing until now, shame on you again because she is in the dark and dirty still. When are going to appreciate her and act promptly to solve her problems at last? Shame on you again. Haitiens, brothers and and sisters, you will be shamed if you continue to ignore Haiti ‘s situation. As brave men you should be doing something good instead of running out to other countries instead of fighting against murderers and thieves so we can finally restore peace. Shame on you to visa holders, know that you are nothing but cowards and your negligence against Haiti will catch up with you one day and I hope so too. Enjoy your stay while others are in peril. Amen.

  4. Jean mark says:

    Parol ki lan la ri a Jodi a qe Ayitian yo ap goumen kont gang yo Ki ap kidnape moun. lè yo kenbe gang nan kidnaping moun, yo pran gang et yo ale lwen avec yo et yo koupe zozo yo pou yo pa ka janm ka fè sèks ankò. Gang sa yo kounie a pral panse avant qe yal kidnape moun. Imagine qe yon neg paka fe sex pou rest la vi li.

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