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According to Le Nouvelliste, President Jovenel Moïse says he wants a new constitution stipulating that presidential appointments will go into effect automatically if the National Assembly does not vote for or against within 60 days.  He also wants elective terms to be 5 years. “I would accept a prime minister from the opposition and a reduction in my term, but only after the adoption of a constitutional reform strengthening the presidency,” President Moïse told the Associated Press on Friday, February. 7, 2020.

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  1. Haiti at this point needs a dead serious army and a well trained police staff male and female. Also needed are police cars in the neighborhood to control the circulation and do patrols. A 911 system is necessary not to forget roads to be done for faster services. ODVA employers got to start working and bring their reports to a specific department for reviews. Remember it must be established laws to prosecute crooks and stop fraudulent behaviors. Why would people work in offices and do nothing? Who’s on top of these departments? It is time to drain the system for better use. The opposition leaders must know the country doesn’t belong to them but for all haitiens. They should work together to make the system better instead of buying heavy duty guns to supply the poor rondo their duty deeds, spend that money into making irrigation, grow food so the people can stop given money to the Dominican Republic. Haitiens are not treated well in Dominican Republic, do something valuable to encourage the to come back home and work for the good of the people.
    What is so hard about it? You can do it.
    We are black but with a Brains as good as the Dominicans to make your country as good as theirs. We may not like each other but their are time to put your differences aside and work together for Haiti and your haitiens brothers and sisters. It is a shame to have this genocide nonsense in this small island. The thing is you guys are so blinded but other false power or jalousy or anger that you cannot even realize your behaviour is not acceptable . Get it together please for a beautiful Haiti tomorrow.

  2. One more thing haitiens needs to do is to enjoy sharing. Lots of people do not have enough money to buy goods for their families. Instead of letting the water melons or other foods go to waste it would be nice to share them with the ones who none. Yup country on people to give you one ways or another but do the same . Leave the streets clean and plant treats to prevent fooling during rain seasons .
    Haitiens, instead of hiding the money in foreign banks please invest in the country to create jobs. Authorities stop covering for crooks , give the country and the people who want to invest a break.

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