Haitian Diaspora calls for dialogue

According to Juno7, the inability of political stakeholders to find common ground has become concerning to Haitians both in Haiti and abroad.  It is in this vein that Le Mouvement pour l’intégration de la Diaspora dans la Nouvelle Haïti (The Movement for the Integration of the Diaspora in the New Haiti), issued a press release demanding an inclusive political accord.   

Based in Montreal, Canada, the organization wants to encourage dialogue. “We in the Diaspora are very sensitive to the problems of insecurity which will discourage investment in the country. In the spirit of finding peace, calm, social and political stability in Haiti, this is why, our position remains responsible inter Haitian dialogue, because it is the one and only remaining option to get the country out of this stagnating crisis while rejecting our egos,” the organization said in a press release. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Carnival 2020 underway

On Tuesday Feb.4, the national carnival organization committee comprised of 17 members were presented in a ceremony at the Marriott Hotel. Members of the committee include Guy André François Junior, President; Colombe E. Jessy Menos, Vice-President; Geneviève Louissaint, General Secretary; Erol Josué, Artistic Manager; Alain Augustin, Co-Artistic Manager; Fred Lizaire, Logistics Manager; Jean Laury Luc Treasurer; Ricky Juste Co-Logistics Manager; Carel Pedre, Communication; Nancy Carraha, Albert Chancy, Andy Durosier, Lucsonne Janvier, Ruth Stéphanie Saint-Louis, Amos Zephirin, Levelt Milord, et Tessa Jacques, members.  Carnival is set to be held this year from Feb 23 – 25 in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.  “Ann pote kole pou Ayiti dekole” is the theme chosen for the 2020 festivities. Continue reading

Haitians In America

Edwidge Danticat awarded 2020 Vilcek Foundation Prize

Tuesday Feb.3, the Vilcek Foundation announced Edwidge Danticat as the winner of the 2020 Vilcek Foundation Prize in the Arts and Humanities reported Le Nouvelliste.  The award is given to immigrants who have made an exceptional contribution in contemporary literature. Danticat has written more than 15 books including a memoir Brother, I’m Dying, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography in 2008. Continue reading

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