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On Tuesday Feb.4, the national carnival organization committee comprised of 17 members were presented in a ceremony at the Marriott Hotel. Members of the committee include Guy André François Junior, President; Colombe E. Jessy Menos, Vice-President; Geneviève Louissaint, General Secretary; Erol Josué, Artistic Manager; Alain Augustin, Co-Artistic Manager; Fred Lizaire, Logistics Manager; Jean Laury Luc Treasurer; Ricky Juste Co-Logistics Manager; Carel Pedre, Communication; Nancy Carraha, Albert Chancy, Andy Durosier, Lucsonne Janvier, Ruth Stéphanie Saint-Louis, Amos Zephirin, Levelt Milord, et Tessa Jacques, members.  Carnival is set to be held this year from Feb 23 – 25 in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.  “Ann pote kole pou Ayiti dekole” is the theme chosen for the 2020 festivities.

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