10 Schools to be built in 2020

During a press conference on Jan. 13, President Jovenel MoÏse said 10 schools will be built throughout the country in 2020. Funds allocated to pay the 19 Senators and 118 Congressman will be utilized for the construction of the schools. Funds are estimated at 1,160,000,000 gourdes ($12,608,696).

US Representatives meet with Moïse to discuss priorities

A tweet posted by the US Embassy in Haiti stated that Ambassador Michele Sison and USAID Deputy Director, John Barsa, met with President Jovenel MoÏse on Jan. 12.  Issues discussed included public security, political stability, and economic growth in order to develop key partnerships in education and health. 

Minister Edmond Bocchit reassures international community

Foreign Affairs Minister, Edmond Bocchit, met with foreign officials to assure that President Jovenel MoÏse will take necessary measures to ensure continuity of the State.  Bocchit also guaranteed the president would not abuse decrees.

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