Haiti public officials to declare assets with anti-corruption unit

On Tuesday, Jan 7, Claudy Gassant, general director of the Unit for the Fight against Corruption, said during a press conference that “State officials have until Jan. 31 to declare their assets.” According to the former government commissioner of Port-au-Prince, this initiative will enable the anti-corruption unit to effectively fight corruption and illicit enrichment in the country. Continue reading

Social Media And Its Role Connecting Earthquake Survivors With The Diaspora

The 2010 earthquake severed many traditional lines of communication in Haiti. It toppled cell phone towers, damaged a major fiber-optic cable, knocked television and radio stations off the air and made telephone communication via landlines nearly impossible.

Diaspora members had to change the way they communicated and gathered information in the days following the disaster.

“The earthquake became this pivotal moment where we had to use social media for information,” said Leonie Hermantin, who serves as director of development, communications and strategic planning at the Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center in Miami. Continue reading

Schools in Jérémie to reopen, after three months of political crisis

On Tuesday Jan. 7, schools in Jérémie reopened after three months of political crisis. Many school administrators believe that the academic year will not be a loss. Continue reading

Our homes are weapons of mass destruction

Roger Bilham, University of Colorado professor, said the reason for the disaster in 2010 was clear from the rubble. “All the possible errors were obvious: fragile steel, coarse non-angular aggregates, weak cement mixed with impure or salty sand, and the systematic termination of the reinforcements at the level of the joints between the columns and the floors of the buildings where the seismic constraints are the more important,” said the geologist in a publication. Continue reading

State lawyers looking at individuals with questionable loans from National Old Age Insurance Office

Newton Saint-Juste, a state lawyer, in an interview with Scoop TV, said they will investigate questionable loans granted by the National Old Age Insurance Office, which could be cases of corruption and / or misappropriation of public funds. The Office provides social security services as well as other benefit programs to all employees in the formal sector who contributed to the National Old Age Insurance Office. Continue reading

Reconstruction of the national palace becoming a reality

On Tuesday, Jan.7, four of the eight projects selected from the architecture competition were presented to members of the jury and the Working Group and Reflection for the reconstruction of the national palace.. President Jovenel Moïse will reveal the winner on Jan. 12, to mark the tenth anniversary of the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed the palace. Continue reading

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