Guerline T. Emmanuel, co-founder of Belle Vue Tours, understands the need for utility in a travel bag. The entrepreneur has made Haiti and traveling her business for the last 10 years.  When she couldn’t find a bag that would suit her travel needs, she decided to create one. 

THE LIBERATORS travel bag features renowned female revolutionary leaders Anacaona, Agbaraya Tòya, Cécile Fatiman, and Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière. The bag is available in medium and large and features compartments for your shoes, toiletries, laptop, passport and more. The travel tote retails for $100 – $120.

Founded in 2009, Belle Vue Tours is a historical and cultural outbound tour company to Haiti providing travelers an opportunity to experience the history and culture of Haiti. They work with other small businesses on the ground to assure an authentic travel experience. To date, Belle Vue Tours has taken over 30 trips to Haiti.

“I am grateful, humbled, and empowered,” Emmanuel said.  “This is more than a product, it is a piece of history.”

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