Dominican army reinforces its border

On Dec. 31, Rubén Paulino Sem, Dominican minister of defense, ordered 1,200 additional soldiers to the border to strengthen surveillance in preparation for sociopolitical unrest in Haiti. The additional deployment brings the total number of Dominican soldiers at the border to 11,000. The soldiers will also combat drug trafficking and weapons smuggling at the border. Continue reading

Jovenel Moïse encourages unity

Wednesday Jan. 1, 2020, marked the 216th anniversary of Haitian independence. An official celebration took place at the National Palace. In a speech which lasted 20 minutes, President Jovenel Moise spoke of the bravery and unity of the founding fathers of Haiti and how it led the country to victory over Napoleon Bonaparte’s army. Continue reading


Haitians Rescued in Jamaican Waters Back Home

The four Haitian fishermen who were rescued in Portland waters in late November are now safely back in their country, after a confusing expedition.

According to the Jamaica Observer, The men were rescued at St Margaret’s Bay in the vicinity of the Rio Grande bridge in Portland on November 27, after their disabled vessel was spotted by Jamaican fisherfolk who assisted them to shore.

They were subsequently handed over to the Portland police and then processed by the health department and immigration representatives. Continue reading


Worcester Diocese closes Haitian ministry office

A longterm project run by the Worcester Roman Catholic Diocese to help Haitian children will end Jan. 1.

Bishop Robert J. McManus Tuesday announced the Haitian Ministry will no longer fundraise for school students in Haiti, the poorest of nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Instead, according to a press release, the diocese will “refocus on its original mission to promote twinning between parishes in the Diocese of Worcester and parishes in the Diocese of Les Cayes.” Continue reading

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