Taiwan to donate more than 20,000 tons of rice to Haiti

The Taiwanese government is donating 20,200 tons of rice to Haiti in 2020. Thirteen thousand tons of rice will be distributed through the Economic and Social Assistance Fund, and more than 7,000 tons of rice will be distributed through “Food For the Poor Haiti.”

The announcement follows the commitment of the Taiwanese government in November 2019 to strengthen its food aid in Haiti. Continue reading

Public Works receives $40M worth of brand new heavy equipment

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, the Ministry of Public Works received $40 millions worth of construction machinery. He also announced the launch of a trash removal initiative in disadvantaged neighborhoods, including Cité Soleil and Solino. Continue reading

Boulos launches Mouvement de la Troisième Voie (The Third Way Movement)

On Dec. 18, Réginald Boulos officially launched his political party Mouvement de la Troisième Voie (The Third Way Movement) at the Royal Oasis in Pétion-Ville.

“We can offer Haitians another Haiti. It is time for a change,” the businessman said. “This pain has gone on long enough. Haiti is not condemned to be ruled by dark forces.” Continue reading


Volunteer Work Is Leading The Way For Haitian Oral Hygiene

Dentistry has not been left behind in the influx of volunteer medical health to Haiti, with Global News Canada reporting that North American dentists were heading to the island in their droves to provide much-needed oral care. With each mission treating hundreds of Haitians in need of urgent dental diagnosis and work, the overall picture of dental hygiene is improving across the country. By providing an example, analysts are pondering whether these volunteer efforts are providing the impetus for the island to improve on a permanent basis. Continue reading

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