New Caracol power plant slated for construction in January

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and USAID will be funding the construction of a new power plant at the Caracol Industrial Park. IDB will contribute $16.5 million to the project, while USAID will contribute $6.1 million. Construction is expected to start in January. Continue reading

UNESCO and Ministry of National Education to offer teacher trainings in risk management

UNESCO is working with the Ministry of National Education to support risk and disaster management training for teachers and school directors. The program will cover the basics of risk management and how to reduce incidents in schools. Continue reading

Sabotage at Varreux power plants

On Dec. 12, unidentified individuals vandalized and sabotaged the underground infrastructures at the Varreux power plants. After inspections, power plant technicians verified the damage was a result of foul play. Continue reading

Moïse reaffirms promise to provide power 24/7 in Haiti

On Dec. 16, President Jovenel Moïse visited the Varreux power plant, where he toured the facilities and delivered remarks. He called for the public to be patient as he works toward fulfilling his promise of providing the country with electricity 24/7. Continue reading

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