Grant of more than 2 million gourdes to support the education of disabled youth

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, Joseph Frantz Nicolas, General Director of the National Fund of Education, went to the Secretariat of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities where he delivered an envelope of more than 2 million gourdes to benefit nine institutions and organizations working to integrate people with special needs. Continue reading

Clifford H. Brandt sentenced to 20 years in prison

About eight months after the last session, Denis Pierre Michel, president of the Gonaïves Criminal Court, rendered a judgment against Clifford Brandt and others implicated in the case. The decision was made based on a 72-page document, Michel issued a sentence of 20 years for Edner Comé, Ricot Pierre-Val and Clifford H. Brandt, while the defendant Carlo Bendel Saint-Fort was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Dissatisfied with this verdict, the convicts plan to appeal the decision within the time allowed by the law. Continue reading

David Hale calls on the government and opposition to work together for Haiti to emerge from this stalemate

David Hale calls on the Haitian government and opposition to work together for Haiti to emerge from this stalemate. The US Secretary of State for Political Affairs met some leaders of the Haitian sector on Friday, Dec.6, at the US Embassy in Tabarre. According to the Senator of Artibonite, Yuri Latortue, the position of the opposition remains unchanged: there will be no negotiations with Jovenel Moïse. The senator said he provided additional documents to the US representative on official duty in Haiti, which attests the position of the consensual alternative and the Marriott agreement. Continue reading

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