David Hale met with Jovenel Moïse and the opposition

Kelly Craft, United States Ambassador to the United Nations; Cynthia Kierscht, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; and David Hale, number three at the State Department, are three of the U.S. officials who visited Haiti in the past two weeks to find a solution to the political crisis that has shaken the country for over a year. After meeting the head of state on Friday, Dec. 6, Hale met with political leaders Pacha Vorbe (Fanmi Lavalas), Yuri Latortue (Alternative Consensus), Liné Balthazard (PHTK), Rosemond Pradel (Fusion-Mache Kontre), Bernard Craan (Passerelle), Éric Jean-Baptiste (RDNP) and Senator Joseph Lambert. Continue reading

Miss Universe 2019, Gabriela Clesca Vallejo, heads to Atlanta

Gabriela Vallejo was crowned Miss Universe Haiti on Jul. 18 at NH El Rancho. Vallejo was born in Haiti, her mother is Dominican and her father Haitian and immigrated to Canada when she was a teenager.

Vallejo flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to take part in the grand finale of the Miss Universe competition which takes place on Sunday, Dec. 8 in the newly inaugurated studios of American actor and producer, Tyler Perry. Hoping that compatriots voted to secure her place in the top 20. Continue reading

Chile’s new ambassador to Haiti pays a courtesy visit to the General Director of the National Police

On Friday Dec. 6, Rameau Normil, General Director of the National Police of Haiti, received a courtesy visit from the new Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in Haiti, Cristian Rodrigo Donoso Maluf. During this visit, the discussions focused in particular on institutional reinforcement of the cooperation links between the Haitian National Police and the Carabinieri school of Chile for specialization and continuous training of Haitian National Police officers and agents to Chile. Continue reading

Launch of the “Sports-health” program

On Saturday Nov. 7, Edwing Charles, Minister of Youth and Sports, launched the Sport-health program which will take place at the Hugo Chavez Square in the Champs de Mars and in several other cities in the country. He announced that the program was open to the general public as well as athletes. Continue reading

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