The Bishops’ Conference calls on actors to make concessions

The country for the past three months has been in political turmoil with disastrous consequences, especially for the most vulnerable groups. The President of the Republic and the politicians of the opposition have stood their ground. For now, there is no dialogue between them. The Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church is asking them to make serious concessions for the common good of the country.

“In these times when the country is in danger, it is urgent to arrive at a historic solution. It must be done at the cost of significant concessions on both sides for the greater good of the people and the country we all love,” wrote the bishops in a position statement this weekend. Continue reading

Haitian National Police and the Dominican police to join efforts

In order to control smuggling, drug trafficking and transnational crimes, the Regional High Command of the Haitian National Police and of the Dominican Republic National Police met for more than an hour last week at Villas Codevi Hotel in Dajabón.

The Haitian delegation was chaired by Moncher Biio, Commissioner of Administrative Police of the province of Ounaminthe and General Boris Goico, headed the Dominican Republic delegation. Biio said that they had asked the Dominican authorities to collaborate to seek and arrest Haitian criminals have sought refuge in the Dominican Republic in order to escape Haitian justice. Continue reading

160,000 Haitians live with HIV in the country

On Sunday, Dec.1, government officials, representatives of local and international organizations, people living with HIV, Michèle Sison, Ambassador of the United States in Haiti, Marie Greta Roy Clément, Minister of Public Health and her various partners commemorated World AIDS Day at El Rancho Hotel around the theme “Communities make the difference” under the patronage of the First Lady Martine Moïse.

For the year 2019, the National AIDS Control Program of the Ministry of Health has identified 160,000 people living with HIV in Haiti and the number of infected children is estimated at 8,700. Continue reading

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